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 Creation no-nos

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PostSubject: Creation no-nos   Sat Jan 07, 2017 6:27 pm

1. No neon characters. We want realistic colourings but how you design your cat is your decision just don't go putting Jim Carrey`s face on your cat.

2. If your cat has anything special to it, like a mental disorder like Autism or anything that would result in extreme behaviours that may affect their quality of life it should be cleared with a Moderator or admin.

3. There will be some exceptions to eye colours like red eyes, red eyes will only be allowed if the cat has albinism. But cats with rainbow eyes will not be allowed.(Lookin' at Starkit over here)

4. Cats with a horrible disability or mutation will have to be cleared with Mods. Like male Calico's.

5. Do not name your cat Moon- Star- twolegthing- or anything a cat might not know.

6. Same goes with the suffix.

7. They cannot be related to any of the book characters seeing as this takes place before the books.
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Creation no-nos
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