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A roleplay forum based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Fate has many paths, which one will you choose?
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 Roleplay no-no's

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PostSubject: Roleplay no-no's   Sat Jan 07, 2017 5:49 pm

1. No excessive kitty murderers, we will keep this to a minimum. For right now there will nothing too extreme on here until there's a decent amount of members.

2. No OP (Over-powered)cats, so their physical and mental traits should be balanced. (I.E: Specklestar is very bulky and strong so she can't move or retaliate as quickly as a Windclan cat. Specklestar is very aggressive but isn't evil and isn't the most thoughtful of leaders.)

3. No killing in battle / out of battle without expressed permission from the roleplayer.

4. No God-modding (goes with OP cats) if your cat breaks the warrior code there will ALWAYS be consequences.

5. When in battle, you must get hit, Windclan cat or Riverclan cat you can't prevent injury.(Unless you're Lionblaze but screw that guy)

6. Rogues and kittypets will be kept to a minimum / may not have them at all (until member numbers increase) unless you want them to join a clan immediately after creating them. 

7. Plots for your characters are fine, but if you try to create a site-wide plot without our knowing, don't. That's our job, shoot us the idea though.
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Roleplay no-no's
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